Your mentor will guide you through the business development process and offer you specific advice and counsel based on your singular needs. He will hold you accountable to the overall goals of the program, and the specific ones you set for your yourself. 

During the course of the program, you will have adequate time with your mentor to air mindset issues, leadership challenges, management concerns, marketing strategies, and financial worries that are immediately present in your business. Though the program is strategic in nature, your mentor will also push you to implement your strategies and new understanding so that the right results are achieved; the results you want to see. At the same time, your mentor will help you through the fires of any current frustrations or challenges that are standing in your way of complete success.

Your mentor is an expert in business development, with a good basis of knowledge in architecture, along with other business professions and disciplines. But more importantly, your mentor is a confidant, an advisor, a sounding board, a committed member of your team who operates through the authority you invest in him.

Like athletes, most great CEOs have a mentor or coach to offer them an outside perspective, valuable feedback and an unbiased view of their development. Your Architecture+Business mentor will support you in thinking through new strategies, implementing new systems and achieving better results in your practice than most architects ever believed possible. 

Don't just take our word for the results achieved,
but read what our students have to say:

Architecture+Business’s program has elevated and expedited my business acumen exponentially. The learning content takes a systematized approach that corresponds to all the areas of running a business in a systematic way....Like many architects, I am a visual thinker. The program has helped me to diagram and lay out actionable steps, visualizing all the business systems in a way that resonates with me.
— Cynthia Dovell, LGA West Architects
Architecture+Business’s systemized approach has given me a completely new prospective on business,
which I am eternally grateful for. Specifically the program’s key frustrations process; which takes any frustration,
finds the root of the problem, then turns it into an opportunity to improve the company. No more do I
lie awake at night angrily worrying about my problems...I now rest with peace of mind knowing that all
aspects of my business are running smoothly.
— Andrew Batty, AB Electrical Engineering Inc.
We have been working with Architecture+Business for a little over a year now and since that time we have been able to eliminate 2 positions in our office and increase our net revenue by 10%. We now have a streamlined systems process in place. Our lunch and learns have become an invaluable process for both myself and my team. We would highly recommend Architecture+Business to any business who is looking for a mentor.
— Keri Ramirez, Celtic Management Services Inc.