While it’s true that everything rises with leadership, we could also say that it continues to rise with good management practices, falling apart when the proper management discipline is lacking. Much of your focus in the program will be around your becoming a great manager, as well as learning to identify, train and mentor others who take on the management function.

The management center has the following aspects: 1) structure  2) engagement and development 3) systemization, and 4) evaluation and growth. Each individual aspect will help you create a foundational management center, but collectively they create a synergy that supports the integration of your company culture, your structure and systems and your most valuable asset: your people or employees.

Structure consists of creating an organizational chart with an accompanying strategy, having clear position agreements so that your people know what is expected of them and how you will measure their results as well as formalizing working relationships.

Engagement and development is the heart of management as you learn how to motivate and coach, mentor and manage your people, giving them the support they need to perform at their best. You will discover how higher levels of engagement drive higher levels of performance.

Systemization is creating the systems, processes and checklists that will keep your business humming and delivering a consistent customer experience. Systems orchestrate aspects of the business, turning frustrations into solutions and chaos into an orderly enterprise. Finally, evaluation and growth sets the foundation for continuous improvement, which is truly the heart of developing your practice. 

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