John Maxwell, the well-known leadership writer and trainer has a maxim, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” We know this to be true. Your architectural business is a reflection of your leadership. Becoming a better leader and equipping yourself properly creates the foundation for a great business. First, you define your vision and the values you want to see represented in your practice; then you develop a dashboard or tracking system so that you can plan and measure your progress. You will also, in this center, work on your brand identity to better set the foundation for marketing.

Coaching provides fundamental feedback so that you can identify your blind spots and growth edges as a leader and seek to develop yourself beyond them. Understanding any dysfunctions showing up in the business is equally as critical and your coach will help you identify and eliminate them.

As the leader of your practice, you are responsible for providing the guiding principles and creating the strategies that will take you to success. Unless you intentionally inhabit this leadership role, your business will never have the direction you desire or obtain the results you dream about. 

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