A similar combination of art and science that provides the basis for your architect’s discipline must be learned to run a successful business; business itself is a combination of art and science, intuition and rationality, gut instinct and quantification. Balancing both disciplines while developing your practice through a proven roadmap will put you on the path to realizing its full potential.

At the core of our business program are the six centers of attention. These are the dynamic aspects of your business that are meant to work holistically together to deliver the results you desire. Our program places you as the business owner, and your life at the nucleus of the six centers.

The first three centers are strategic: leadership, finance and management. These are more inward facing and form the basis for your company, culture and connection to your customers.  

The other three centers are tactical and consist of marketing, business development and client fulfillment. These centers are primarily concerned with attracting prospective customers, converting them into clients, and delivering to them in a way that creates satisfaction.  

 Architecture+Business Six Centres of Attention Development Path