What two characteristics must be combined for success in business?

Once upon a time there was a farmer who owned 2 horses.  One was a workhorse, who had a very gentle disposition, worked hard, easy to manage.  You could say his characteristics were like:

            worked hard when the ‘chips’ were down

            never excited

            listen to orders/others

            didn’t judge



            did what was asked of him

            asked for help when he didn’t know what to do

            had no ego problems

            had fun with simple things.

He was an all around good horse, which made the farmer happy and quite well off.


The other one was a racehorse: excitable, hard to be with, hard to manage.

One day he bit the farmer and kicked him in the shin.  The horse was a constant embarrassment with his behavior and attitude problems.

His characteristics were much like this:

            very fast

            always excited

            seldom listened to orders



            seldom apologized

            never did what was asked of him

            never asked for help

            had a big ego

In spite of all his negative characteristics, when he was in a race, he mostly ran at the front and always won.  This winning was of great pride to the farmer, not to mention the money he’d won.   The farmer thought, if I could only make my racehorse more like my workhorse, I would be happy.


So, the farmer hired an animal psychologist to work with the racehorse to change his characteristics.  All winter long the racehorse and the psychologist worked together.

The farmer noticed the change.


In the spring when the racing season came, as every year, all were excited.  The farmer knew he would not have to be embarrassed about the antics of his racehorse.  In the first race, the racehorse went into the blocks without a hitch.  As the pack went out, the racehorse wound up in the middle.  The farmer watched and could see something was amiss.  It seemed the horse has lost heart.  At the end he finished at the back of the pack.  This had never happened before.


In subsequent races, the performance was much the same.  In the whole season the racehorse never won one another race. But, he now had a very gentle disposition, worked hard on his training, easy to manage.  You could say his characteristics were:

worked hared when the “chips” were down

            never excited

            listened to orders

            didn’t judge



            did what you said

            asked for help when he didn’t know what to do

            had no more ego problems

            had fun on simple things.


The following season was the same – not one race did he show respectfully and never won again.   So the farmer took him off the circuit and harnessed him up along side the workhorse.   Each day the racehorse became slower and weaker, eating and drinking little.  Finally, one morning, when he farmer came into the barn, the racehorse was dead.

Sadly he was shipped off to the glue factory.  


The farmer bought other racehorses, but none of them could ever win consistently with such excitement and flair.  None came close to measuring up the one that had died.  The farmer realized he’d made a terrible mistake by trying to change his greatest asset and had missed a once in a life-time opportunity.  He became so sad that he stopped eating and drinking and one morning his wife found him dead.  He died of a broken heart.


Look at the racehorse (designer) within you…………


Will you lose your design edge if you become more business oriented?

How do you blend design and business to become a success?

Do you fear you will diminish your design drive should you put more emphasis on business?

Will you jeopardize your design aptitude when you change your focus to business?

Can you admit the mistake of starting your practice without the necessary business skills?


Find out what’s missing in your business and determine how you can get on the track to success.