Lack of business skill leads to mediocrity


As a coach and mentor I’ve had a chance to talk to many small business owners who struggle with the frustrations and limitations in their business practice.  They frequently cite similar problems

-       issues with their team/staff members

-       lack of ability to acquire good clients

-       lack of time to complete their tasks

-       few and/or short holidays

-       unsure about finances

-       unreasonable expectations from clients


Acknowledging their problems, I ask them if they would consider engaging a coach or mentor to help them with their businesses.  Often, I notice them hesitate, eventually responding with a similar response:

                  -     they don’t have time

-       program costs too much

-       maybe later

-       they have stop-gap solutions to address their problems


Faster and longer

They are convinced that they are doing  “it” and they feel if they keep doing it faster and longer they will someday achieve success that never comes.  Without a change of direction it is not likely to happen.

I know better than anyone!  The drifter was me for the first 20 years in business.  But one day I realized my success would never come, unless I got help to achieve the dreams that, till then, eluded me.  Before I began my own business, I was a successful designer and technician within a large successful firm.  When I started my business it was marginal at best, but I clung on stubbornly, eking out a living for 20 years.  I only lasted that long  due to hard work and long hours.  My family was in disarray.


I faced a choice: quit the business or learn how to run it properly.


Chasing a mentor

I chose a mentor and began a program to address my weaknesses.  Before long I began to see that I was on the right path.  After 3 years of work, I transformed my company.  So profound was this transformation that after 10 years I decided to start a new business specifically to help small business architects with their business practice.  I wanted them to have what I should have had early in my career as a businessman.


What will it take for you to acknowledge your business is languishing and begin a program with a mentor to begin your pathway to success. 


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