Crash and burn - hitting the wall!

What happens when you crash and burn…….

Do you ever:

            • feel that your work is overwhelming?

            • feel you are alone in your struggles?

            • feel you are heading for a dead end?

            • feel your efforts are futile?

            • feel you are unable to get back on track?

I know, I do.

It is tragic.

It is sad.

It is scary.


What causes these feelings?

            • Did someone say something obnoxious?

            • Has your effort been rejected?

            • Do you feel a sense of personal failure?

Has your sense of well-being turned into a sense of being overwhelmed?


To dig deeper, you must examine the root causes of this tipping point?

            • working to many hours

            • unusual amount of stress

            • lack of sleep

            • lack of exercise

            •  major negative incident.


Be aware of when you get this feeling arrives! Recognize the symptoms.  If you recognize that you have the symptoms, you can take measures to get out of your funk and get back on track.  Back off!

            • get away form your work (take a day off)

            • do something pleasant for yourself ( take a hot bath)

            • get extra rest (sleep 12 hours)

            • exercise (get moving)

            • do not return to your work until you are on the level

            • if you think you are ready, ease yourself back into your work

            • make a list of items to do (tackle the easy ones first)

            • if you can complete the easy tasks you may be ready for more challenge

            • if the negative feelings persist, you are not ready - stay away from your work


Remember back to the previous time when you experienced a funk.  Each time it passed, right?  What did you do to get out of your state of being overwhelmed and how long did it last?

For myself, it came down to a used sports car, a convertible, that was my pride and joy.  It had quite a temperament.  It always gave me problems about one thing or another.  One beautiful Saturday spring morning, I was going to go for a drive and enjoy the day.  I went to the garage where my cherished car was kept.  Got in, hit the starter.  Northing.  I wasn’t going anywhere.

I decided to push the car out backwards so I could look under the hood and see if there was a quick fix.  Pushing on the door-post so I could steer.  I got out through the door without incident and kept on pushing to get clear of the garage. 

There was one snag: I had forgotten about the power pole that was next to the driveway.  On the way by the open door got caught on the power pole and snapped off.  My minor problem turned out to be huge problem through my own inattentiveness.

What was a promise of a get away drive in my sporty convertible, turned out to be a tragedy.  My pride and joy wouldn’t start and now its door lay on the driveway.  Not exactly what I had planned for this Saturday.   I was overwhelmed!   I was frozen, couldn’t do anything. I just went into the house and went back to bed and stayed there for the rest of the day. 


By the next Saturday I had recovered enough to begin to fix the car.  I was very thoughtful of what I did as I didn’t want to incur and further damage.  As it turned out, the door wasn’t damaged – it was only the hinges that had to be replaced.   The car got fixed and I had many days driving in the country with the wind in my hair.


This cycle is something I’ve been through many times – and it’s usually because I’ve kept myself over busy and sometimes push things too hard.  Every time it feels cataclysmic, as if the end is near.  When it happens I sit down and remember past catastrophies.  Didn’t I survive?   I go through the tips recommended above and before long the sun shines again and I’m back on a positive track.


Being in a funk puts you in a vulnerable state. Beware!  You may say something or do something that you may regret.  Hang in there.  It won’t be long before you’ll feel much better.


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