Finding the right mentor for your Business


Icarus and his father, Daedalus, were imprisoned in the Labyrinth. Daedalus was an inventor so he found a way to escape.  He made wings, for his son and himself, of feathers held together with wax.  When he and Icarus flew to freedom Daedalus told his son “do not fly too high or the sun will melt your wings made of wax."  Icarus did not listen to his father and flew too high, his wax wings melted and he fell to earth to his death.


Flying free of the Labyrinth

Like the apprentice architect, who has proven his design & technical abilities, he decides to fly free of the ‘Labyrinth’, his employer, who he feel is imprisoning him.  He works hard and long and his employer takes the credit for his work.  Just like Icarus, he doesn’t know the effects of flying to high.  Like Icarus doesn’t know the hazards of the sun, the young architect is unaware of the hazards of business.  With little or no skills, he will succumb to the perils of his foolish decision and his business fails.  Like Icarus he ‘falls to earth.’


Doomed to mediocrity

His business may not die, but it will flounder in underachievement only because of his lack of experience and/or skills.  He is doomed to mediocrity until he undertakes to do something about his state and get help with his business.


Don’t follow the flight path of Icarus.  Find a program and a mentor to help you with the skills of business so you will be able to fly as high as you want.  You can fly to the heights you never dreamed possible.


Icarus’ wax-wings are like your confidence. 

They will fail you if you fly too high as will your confidence and you will fall to the ground.  Build real wings, the fundamentals of good business practice, so you can fly as high as you want.  Nothing will then hold you back.


Action steps

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