Build your wings

If you start your own firm (take the leap) without your wings (business skills) you are in for a quick fall with a crash landing at the end.  You must build your wings (business skills), as it doesn’t take long before you crash land.   Flailing your arms without feathered wings is very tiresome and eventually you’ll crash anyway.


So you’ve taken the leap.  You’re falling.  How do you build your wings in a short amount of time?   Your business wings are made of six centers of attention: leadership, management, finances, marketing, business development and client fulfillment.  You must work on a focused program with a mentor to learn the basics of running a successful business in a shorter time than you might think.  Get started now, before you hit bottom.  Architecture+Business would be happy to help


The ARCHITECTURE+BUSINESS coaching program offers a systematic approach to developing your architectural practice to its fullest potential. The program is designed to holistically revitalize your practice, re-thinking its strategy in each center of attention, then developing and executing a 3-year plan based on your renewed thinking.


The path is really quite straightforward. The Architecture+Business lessons will guide you in creating clear strategies in for each center, while you and your coach formulate the plan to implement the changes that you desire. If you’re like most business owners, you probably spend far too little time thinking through and defining how you want to do business and how you want your people to do it as well.   Most often it’s that you don’t know how and we can help.


When your doubt is gone and you have the tools, you can get to work to building the practice that you’ve so long dreamt about.

Visit our website to sign up for YOUR BUSINESS EVALUATION. Let’s find out what’s missing in your business and determine how you can get on the track to success.



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