Testimonial to a Mentor

Are you doin’it, doin’it, doin’it…………?

Spending all you time on your clients?

Are you setting aside time to work on your business?

-       making it more effective

-       making it more efficient

-       business development

-       team training

-       business systems

Are you sometime frozen in making a decision?

Are you unsure how to begin to upgrade your business?

Are you unsure about working with a mentor?


Cynthia Dovell, AVID ARCHITECTURE, Edmonton talks about her mentor:

 “I started my own architectural practice two years ago. I chose a mentor to help get my business started.   My funds were in short supply, but I felt the investment in a mentor, who had been through the trials of business, would be worthwhile.”


It is important to choose the right mentor Finding the right mentor for your Business  

“I’ve just finished my 2nd year-end review and when I look at my progress I’m amazed.  There are many things I could point out that I gained working with a mentor, but the most important of these was confidence.  Now, I am going forward with a clear picture of what to do to get to where I want to be in my business as a practicing architect”


“There were so many aspects of running a business that I either did not know about or didn’t fully understand. With the help of my mentor, I was able to get a comprehensive  understanding of all the aspects that make a successful business. Each of these aspects are now being planned and accounted for, and I can have confidence that my business is set up for success.”


“I would have never made it this far this fast without my mentor!” says Cynthia


A mentor:

-       has been there – so their insight comes form experience

-       is objective in looking at your business affairs

-       encourages you when you find yourself frustrated

-       holds you accountable


Life as a businessperson without any business background makes the going long and hard.  Too often, we only realize this once we have begun our business. 


A mentor will guide you, stand beside you through the storm. 



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Phone: 780 490 8831

Email: norbert@architectureplusbusiness.com

Website: architectureplusbusiness.com

Twitter: @archplusbis

Blog: Architecture+Business Blog

Author:  The E-Myth Architect   

Why Most Small Architectural Firms Don't Work and What To Do About