Planning and getting your daily tasks done

The gurus on time planning state “when making a daily plan priority order the tasks from the most impactful to your business first and those of lesser importance in descending order.  That also the way they should be tackled”

Often the most impactful, turns out are the most difficult.  Approaching the most challenging task first thing each day, after a good night’s sleep or after the weekend can be daunting.

Sir Isaac Newton law of motion “an object in motion tends to stay in motion”.  This holds true to your daily work as well.   Once you begin your work, keeping going is much easier.

 Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton

I find, if I choose an easier doable tasks first thing in the morning – get the motion going as Isaac says – establishes momentum and the difficult tasks become easier to tackle later.  This is my way and my recommendation.  That being said, each person must find what works best for them to establish effective work patterns they work for them.

What is your approach to starting and completing your tasks?  Email me with your methods of getting through your tasks and work daily in an efficient and effective manner.

When I receive your email, I will send you acopy of the 4 basic systems to use in an efficient team setting.

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Twitter: @archplusbis

Blog: Architecture+Business Blog

Author:  The E-Myth Architect   Why Most Small Architectural Firms Don't Work and What To Do About

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