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You spent years learning to design awesome buildings, now learn to design a successful practice.

My name is Norbert Lemermeyer. I spent over 35 years practicing architecture. During this time, I took numerous courses in business, but for the most part, learnt by trial and error — the hard way — how to practice architecture and business.

Then ten years ago I took an on-line program for small business, however it was directed to ‘all’ small businesses. None-the-less, I managed to successfully complete the program transforming my business into a success that till then eluded me. It became clear that a similar program should be written, tailored specifically for architects.

So, in 2012, I recorded my business experiences in the book I co-authored: The E-Myth Architect, Why Most Architectural Firms Don’t Work and What to Do About It. Since then, I’ve teamed up with a business mentoring company and together we are offering the program Architecture+Business. Our on-line program brings business training direct to your architectural practice.

We break the business model down into six centers of attention, which you master one-by-one, applying them directly to your business. You set the pace you want to complete the program, that is, learning business while you continue to work in your business.  

The program delivers over 30 years 0f trial and error experience to you in 21 lessons, that you apply directly to your practice to achieve success that you never dreamed possible. It will give you the means to deliver your design expertise in a profitable, sustainable manner, spending less time at work. This means you will have more time to spend with your family, on your hobbies and in your life outside the office.

Does this sound like something that could benefit you?

I invite you to a no obligation consultation, in which, we will outline, in detail, the program directly for you, depending on your needs. This program is specifically directed to small practice firms or those contemplating starting a practice for the first time.

We listen to your unique needs; we will answer all questions relevant to your situation and show you how our mentors help you achieve the success of your dreams. Contact us now so you can begin your journey to a successful practice in architecture.

The Program

The Architecture+Business development program combines the best of self-paced learning with the mentorship of a trusted business coach to keep you on track, advise you and hold you accountable to re-designing your practice and to achieving your desired results.

The 21-lesson course leverages the extensive personal experience of a veteran architect, combines it with the tools and techniques of a successful on-line business program, and pairs you with a skilled coach/mentor to make sure you keep on track.

I published my book, Why Most Small Architectural Firms Don't Work and What to Do About It, to help small architectural firms learn crucial business skills needed to survive. Architecture+Business is the next step: it is a customized, personalized toolkit, most importantly providing personal mentorship to help guide small practices through the complexities of running an exceptional business. 

Whether you're a new graduate or struggling to manage your own small practice, the 21 lessons distill the essence of the lessons I learned on my journey, and your mentor will help you apply this knowledge directly to your architectural firm. 

 Architecture+Business transforms business

Why A Mentor?

Though the Architecture+Business lesson content delivers a proven system for developing your practice, we find that most architects and small business owners really need a personal mentor, coach, or advisor to support them on their path to success. Well, with us you’ll get all three-in-one. Once you’re no longer alone, you can develop your practice to its fullest potential.

Your mentor knows the entire business development process, the specifics of the architect's tactical realities, and is trained to truly listen to you so that your firm's unique goals and challenges shine through. Together, you will create customized solutions that will build your sustainable and growing practice. 


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Why your architectural practice doesn't work and what to do about it.

Architectural schools teach you to design buildings, but they don’t prepare you to run a business. I learned this first hand as an award-winning architect who struggled with the business side of my practice for many years.

I was working too hard. I wasn’t making enough profit. Even though my firm designed award-winning projects, I just couldn’t get ahead. And this not only impacted my practice, but my personal life as well. Long days on the job, struggles with clients and employees — it all came home with me, and took its toll on my marriage and family life.

Sound familiar?

I realized there was a big gap between my knowledge of architecture and knowing how to design, build, operate and grow a successful architectural practice. After years of grinding away at my practice I was desperate, and determined to change. I was fortunate to find the right tools to help me adopt a new mindset, which transformed my practice and my life.

Now, I want every other architect struggling to build a sustainable practice to leverage my experience and expertise through the Architecture+Business development program. I want to help you not to make the same mistakes I did. I want to support you in re-imagining and re-designing your practice so that your business is a tool for you to achieve what you want out of life, not a hindrance.

In less than a year, you could be running a very different practice — or you could just continue doing all the same things you do today, getting the same results. Which will it be?